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Why do handheld pool vacuums always break down?

by 紫辉王 19 Jun 2024

 Maintaining a clean, clear pool is a challenge, and pool vacuums are a great help in this task. However, many pool owners often encounter various problems when using handheld pool vacuums.

Common Problem 1: Insufficient Suction
Many users report that their pool vacuums do not have enough suction, which results in an inability to effectively remove dirt and debris from the bottom of the pool. This is usually due to a clogged filter system or the pool vacuum itself not having strong suction.

Common Problem 2: Complex Operation
Handheld pool vacuums have cumbersome operation steps, especially for first-time users, and may require a lot of time to read the instructions and debug. The complex operation process is often daunting.

Common Problem 3: Insufficient Coverage
Some pool vacuums often fail to cover the entire pool during cleaning, especially the corners areas of the pool. This makes some areas difficult to clean and affects the overall pool water quality.

Common Problem 4: Maintenance Trouble
Traditional pool vacuum cleaners require frequent maintenance during use, such as cleaning pool filters, replacing parts, etc., which increases the burden on users and pool maintenance costs.

Moolan X1 Robotic Pool Cleaner performs well in solving common problems of traditional pool vacuum cleaners.

1. Automated intelligent cleaning: Moolan X1 can automatically plan the cleaning route to cover every corner of the pool without manual intervention.

2. High-power dual motor: Equipped with an efficient suction system and intelligent filtration to ensure that dirt and debris at the bottom of the pool are thoroughly removed.

4. Advanced Intelligent Hall System: Accurately identify machine dynamics and intelligent steering to ensure that every corner can be thoroughly cleaned.

5. Easy to operate: One-button start, fool-style operation, anyone can easily get started.

6. Easy to maintain: Self-cleaning function and easy-to-remove parts design, maintenance is simple and quick.

If you are troubled by various problems of traditional pool vacuum cleaners, you might as well consider Moolan X1 Robotic Pool Cleaner. This smart pool cleaning robot will bring you an unprecedented cleaning experience, allowing you to easily enjoy the fun of the pool without worrying about maintenance.

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